​Liquid Applied Roofing

Boasting warranties of up to 50 years, liquid applied roofing systems are rapidly gaining popularity. At a fraction of the cost of a traditional roofing membrane, liquid applied roofs can be applied directly over an existing roofing material eliminating the need for removal. The savings is exceptional with roofs comprised of more than one layer where a costly removal of the existing membrane is otherwise imminent. It is important however to be certain there is no water under the surface of the current roof. Moisture beneath the surface will heat and rise, trying to dissipate into the atmosphere. A new liquid applied roof will trap that moisture beneath its surface, and in the interim, create new issues and most likely void its warranty. It is also important not to confuse a liquid roofing membrane with silver coat. Silver coat is simply an aluminum coating intended to protect the existing roofing membrane from the suns harmful UV rays which are known to cause premature deterioration. If your roof is currently showing signs of wear, a silver coat will offer little to no value.