Pitched Roofs

There are many options of roofing for your pitched, or sloped roof. Metal, slate, cedar shake, and terracotta are commonly found on historical buildings or those who aim to boldly express their investment. Then there is the most common: asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are an affordable choice and are found on the majority of homes and many commercial roofs in North America. Timberline shingles by GAF are among the most popular in the northeast and offer warranties ranging from 30 years to a Limited Lifetime warranty. If your roof shows little to no sign of deterioration and only has a single layer of shingles it may qualify as a candidate to be re-roofed.

Re-roofing is a cost effective, code compliant option that can save you thousands. If your only option however, is to have the roof removed and reinstalled, it needs to be brought to current code. Ventilation at your peak (ridge vent) should be installed. Ice and water shield on all eves, valleys, around chimneys, and around skylights will help prevent leaks in from snow melting in the sun, trickling down the roof and creating ice dams as the temperature drops at night. As the water freezes, it expands, making its way beneath your shingles thus allowing the water to intrude. If your roof pitch is below a 4 inch rise per foot you should install ice and water shield across the entire roof deck rather than felt paper. Any pitch less than a 2 inch rise per foot should not use any type of shingles and in this case a flat roof membrane is required.